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Automated Caustic System for Die Cleaning

The DieKlean Process

The DieKlean concept was developed to eliminate hot caustic splashing during loading/unloading dies and to prepare caustic batches offline in a separate tank. DieKlean die cleaning equipment uses the latest technology to enhance operator safety and reduce cleaning time, while economically managing chemical usage.

DieKlean Benefits

  • No exposure to hot caustic solution
  • Lower operating costs
  • Faster cleaning cycles
  • Reduction in chemical use and waste product
  • Greater aluminum recovery
  • Improved die shop air quality

DieKlean Features

  • Automated batch caustic preparation
  • Modular reactor configurations
  • PLC control with specialized DieKlean software
  • Fume extraction
  • Stainless steel tanks, process valves and piping ensure long hardware life
  • SmartStrength™ Caustic Strength Analyzer – know when to make a new batch and eliminate caustic drop-out
  • PowerTech™ Die Cleaning Process – maximize reaction rate without boil-over risk

DieKlean Sales

CJI Systems is the exclusive representative for DieKlean systems. CJI Systems operates from Spokane, Washington and Dallas, Texas. DieKlean systems are manufactured by Die Cleaning Equipment & Supply Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona.

Dies after processing
Dies after processing
DieKlean 360-3-1 System: 3 reactors, 1 mix tank, and control panel
DieKlean 360-3-1 System: 3 reactors, 1 mix tank, and control panel