CJi Systems - Aluminum Production Specialists | DieKlean


Wide Range of Capabilities

DieKlean systems are available for all die shop scenarios. Machine sizes range from laboratory versions up to the largest dies and highest die throughput.

Selecting the Optimal System

  • Consider die sizes, types and quantities per day
  • Select model and number of reactors
  • Select rinsing method
  • Consider chemical supply and waste
  • Contact CJi Systems for interactive configurator program

Making the Change to DieKlean

CJi Systems is ready to guide the process with planning and layouts to recommend the best value solution for your needs today and the future.

Mounting the System

  • Recessed pit
  • Above floor with secondary containment

Fast Installation

  • Factory pre-wired and pre-piped
  • Mounted on structural frame
  • Ready for placement and interconnections
DieKlean configuration examples
DieKlean 360-3-1 with etch tank
DieKlean 360-3-1 with Etch Tank