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DieKlean Process

Mixing: Fully automated filling, mixing and heating of caustic solution.

Cleaning: Dies are loaded into an empty reactor. After the reactor lid is closed and secured, caustic solution from the mix tank is transferred and die cleaning begins. After cleaning the caustic solution is drained and transferred back to the mix tank and only then can the reactor lid be opened.

Fume Control: Each reactor is equipped with a variable speed fan to exhaust fumes.

Process Control: Systems are fully automated to monitor and control mixing, heating, fluid transfer, fluid levels, and fluid temperatures using PLC and HMI running DieKlean software.

mix sequence
Mix Sequence

SmartStrengthâ„¢ Caustic Strength Analyzer

A unique DieKlean technology to measure the chemical strength of the caustic mix. The strength is indicated as a value called CPI that the operator uses to decide how long to process dies and when to make a new batch of caustic solution. The DieKlean control system warns the operator or aborts the cleaning process when CPI value is low to prevent precipitation of solids from the caustic solution.


A unique DieKlean technology that controls each independent reactor to achieve maximum reaction rates while preventing boil-overs.

reactor sequence
Reactor Sequence
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